Cactus Worm (a tower). this parkour boss arrives in Xmas Arena from Mr. Santa

Health: 6021HP (phase 1), 4012HP (phase 2), 2003HP (phase 3)

Power: 1147MP (phase 1), 2284MP (phase 2), 3321MP (phase 3)

Phase 1 Attacks: Throwing Cactus Blocks

Phase 2 Attacks: Throwing Cactus Blocks, Herding Obstacles

Phase 3 Attacks: Throwing Cactus Blocks, Herding Obstacles, Laser Beam (cyan orange)

Phase 1 & Phase 2 Abilities: Activating Parkours, Summon Enemies

Phase 3 Abilities: Activating Parkours, Summon Enemies, Yellow Barrier (defended by it's top of the tower)

Herding Obstacles Edit


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Activating Parkours Edit

Sand Mayhem

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Summon Enemies Edit


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